Victor Matorin, a modern talented artist, lives and works in Moscow. His most favorite subject is historical painting. In this genre the artist has formed his inimitable style and his creative individuality has got the most brilliant expression.

Izmailovsky island occupies an important place in the artist’s creativity. It has become his source of inspiration. The painter finds everything here: there are history, landscape, stillness and nature on the island. The master has been working here for many years and calls this place caressing: “My treasure island”.

Victor Matorin -an active participant of Moscow art life. His exhibitions are on seeing in many galleries of the city. He took part in the exhibitions: “Historical painting” in Sergey Andriaka Moscow State Specialized School of Water Colour, “From Battle to Peace” in Moscow State joint museum- reserve, personal exhibition in Pilgrim center of Moscow Patriarchy and many others.

Victor Matorin is the curator of art and business life of Gallery “Izmailovo”.
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